Why are Daimlers so Popular?

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The Daimler is one of our most popular wedding cars among brides and grooms, behind the Beauford only. This vintage car has been a huge favourite for many years and brings a retro vibe from eras such as the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. There are a range of reasons which have meant this car has been able to really stand the test of time. In this blog we will be talking about what makes Daimlers so popular.


Even in the modern day, there aren’t many vehicles which impress quite as much as the Daimler when it comes to sheer size. Larger travelling parties will find the Daimler ideal as it allows for 7 passengers. This size of the vehicle enables more space inside, more passengers and of course, that amazing wow factor upon arrival at your wedding venue.


Daimler’s aren’t produced anymore so this is a real unique style which you are unlikely to find with any other vehicle today. Our most popular Daimlers come with two tone coachwork in a beautiful English Old Cream colour, along with contrasting Black roofs. This style is completely timeless and has made the car a classy option for many people who are getting married.


The simple fact of wedding cars is, people love nothing more than a throwback. Daimlers are known for being a common car of the past in pop culture. You can often see these cars in old films, TV shows and even museums. As is with any iconic car of days gone by, many people just want to enjoy a look into history by riding in the Daimler.

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