Ways to Make your Wedding Retro

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When it comes to many aspects of life in 2019, there is often a need for things to be uber modern and keeping up with the many advances can be a challenge! However, there is one event in life in which many people will always prefer tradition… their wedding day. With our range of vintage cars we are more than used to adding a classic touch to people’s weddings. In this blog we are going to suggest some great ways in which you can make your wedding retro!


The centrepiece of any wedding is often the dress. A stunning vintage dress can really create an authentic feel to the whole ceremony. We love the 1920’s style gowns which replicate the outfits worn by the “flappers” of the time. These dresses tend to have short, beaded sleeves and a classy yet understated slimline fit. When it comes to the suit, a three piece with tails would perfectly fit into this aesthetic.


If you get the reception entertainment right, you can really take your wedding guests back in time. You could hire a band to play only songs from your chosen retro era or even hire a re-enactment group to spend time with your guests as they enjoy the party. This could include retro film characters or war time roles such as air raid wardens to really set the mood!

Classic Cars

What better way to give your wedding venue arrival an extra vintage touch, than turning up in one of our classic cars! The obvious choice would be the Beauford, a firm favourite for many. A unique alternative could be the Jaguar Mk5, which is a real high-end option for anyone looking to turn heads on their big day.

For more information on how we can help you add a vintage touch to your wedding day call us on 07721 771113 or visit www.classic-wedding-cars.co.uk