Our Favourite Ideas For An Amazing #StayHome Date

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In recent times couples across the country have been greatly affected by the lockdown that has been in place since March. Many couples have had to postpone weddings and many more now have to miss out on doing the things they would once take for granted when it comes to spending time together. Whilst being able to go out properly has been a real miss, you can use it to your advantage and have some real fun with an amazing #StayHome date. In this blog we suggest some of our favourite ideas!

Back Garden Picnic

Picnics have always been romantic! The great thing with picnics is that you can have them literally anywhere and you’ll only need a few things for it to work. For location we would suggest picking a sunny day and relaxing in your back garden. If nice weather is hard to come by, you can still enjoy it in the warmth of your living room. Once you have a blanket and some nibbles, maybe even champagne, you will be ready for an extra romantic picnic.

Try Cooking or Baking Together

When you have a romantic meal as part of your date night, you probably don’t look forward to the actual cooking part as much. However, with time on your hands, you could turn this into quality time with your partner by cooking or baking together. If you have all day you could even go for the most extravagant dish you can think of to give yourselves a real task. After all your hard work, you can then enjoy the rewards in the form of your date night meal.

Quiz Each Other

During lockdown couples have been talking more than ever and it gives you even more time to learn things you may never have known about each other! Why not write some tricky questions to quiz each other. You could end up finding out embarrassing favourite songs, hidden talents and so much more!

If you have had to postpone your wedding as a result of the current situation, Classic Wedding Cars are more than happy to help. Use your time indoors to get planning for the new date and we’ll bring your wedding travel dreams to life! To get in touch give us a call on 07721 771113 or visit www.classic-wedding-cars.co.uk