New Wedding Trends For The New Decade

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Who could believe it, we are nearly into a brand-new decade, the 20’s! Whilst our wedding cars may remind you of a 20’s which involved Jazz and Flappers, there will be a whole host of new trends making their way onto the scene in 2020. In this blog we are going to be telling you about some of our favourite trends which could be set to be huge in the new decade.

Extravagant Flowers

Gone will be the days of subtle bouquets and simple floral decorations, extravagant flowers are tipped to be really popular in 2020. Bold colours and plenty of overflowing greenery will create an extra magical look for your beautiful bouquet. Over the top floral centrepiece displays are also set to be on trend. Some people have already event started to incorporate edible blooms into their catering!

Big Sleeves

For those of you of a certain age, you will vividly remember the big “puffy” sleeves on wedding dresses at the time. If you are younger, you will have undoubtedly seen this type of dress in films from that period. These big sleeve wedding dresses are supposed to be making a comeback in 2020, continuing the 80’s revival which we have seen in pop culture recently.

Pop Up Food

In this day and age, celebrities are often the first to start the biggest trends around. Famous actor, Jenifer Lawrence has started what we think could be a really popular trend in the new decade. After a pizza truck was spotted outside her Rhode Island ceremony in October, all of a sudden, food vans and pop up food stalls became a much trendier option for wedding catering. This alternative could really rival the traditional 3 course meal for many.

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