How To Choose The Right Wedding Flowers For You

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When it comes to choosing wedding flowers it can be really difficult. There are so many options to choose from and lots of different arrangements that can be created. We have put together a few ideas to help you choose the wedding flowers that are right for you!

Set A Budget

Flowers can be costly, more costly than you think. Usually about 3% of a wedding budget is spent on flowers as they can be such a huge statement. However, like most things you can get some gorgeous flower arrangements without having to spend a large sum of money, by setting a budget you can go to a florist and ask them what they can create within your price range.


Finding something you like beforehand is always good, this will help the florist work towards what you would like but by keeping yon your budget. Speak to your florist as they will have a wealth of knowledge in creating wedding arrangements and will be able to help you. Creating a Pinterest board with arrangements you like on will help you to narrow down the types of flowers you would like. Also, when you are out and you see a flower you like or an arrangement in a shop, take a picture as this will help describe your visions to the florist.


The date of your wedding will play a huge part in the what flowers are available. Different blooms can be more expensive and harder to find at different times of the year. A good first question to ask your florist is “which flowers are in season around the time of our wedding?” This will help to stop any disappointment early on in the planning process.

Start With The Brides Bouqet

The bride’s bouquet may not seem like a big job but, these flowers are going to feature in a lot of photographs, so they need to be something you like to look at. The flowers you have as centre pieces on tables can be different to the brides and bridesmaid’s bouquets. The flowers arrangements don’t need to be identical to one another they should complement each other.

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