How To Add A Bond Touch To Your Wedding

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With the newest James Bond instalment, “No Time To Die” set for release in April, we are really getting in the mood for all things 007. The glitz and glamour of bond films has always been something that can be related to weddings and here at Classic Wedding Cars we couldn’t think of a cooler wedding theme. In this blog we offer some ideas on how to add a touch of Bond to your wedding.


Your music choices are an ideal place to start when looking to bring a Bond vibe to the occasion; after all, these films do have some of the most loved soundtracks of all time. Classic dancefloor fillers such as Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds are forever are sure to get the majority of guests singing. Whilst modern chart hits like Adele’s Skyfall and Billie Eilish’s No Time To Die, will get your Page Boys and Flower Girls on their feet.

Aston Martin

James Bond has always been a lover of cars, especially the Aston Martin brand. For a modern Aston Martin option that oozes classy Bond vibes, look no further than our Aston Martin V8 Vantage. This car has everything that 007 would love in a vehicle; speed, style and an impressively loud engine. Our Aston Martin unfortunately doesn’t have an invisibility feature or underwater driving capabilities, but it is a real head-turner!

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007 Aesthetic

There are a range of ways that you can immerse your guests in the overall classy feel and aesthetic of James Bonds films. We would suggest a dress code of Tuxedos and glamorous dresses, as style is a huge part of the 007 world. You can then also offer entertainment options such as roulette tables, along with offering Martini Cocktails, shaken not stirred of course. Another great idea is to name your tables after the famous film titles.

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