Choosing Which Season To Get Married In

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Once the question has been popped and you’re finally engaged to your special someone, then comes all the hard work. Planning all aspects of your wedding can be stressful but picking a date that works for everyone can be a real challenge. This decision can take so long that some people take years after their engagement to pick a date. If you’re unsure of which season this date should fall in, read this blog to find out the best things about each option.


Spring can be a great time to get married due to the lesser volume of people booking holidays away compared to other times of the year. Getting married in Spring will ensure you are surrounded by the friends and family who you really want to attend your big day. The days are also longer during Spring, meaning you can enjoy the daytime celebrations even more.


It is fairly obvious why Summer is the most popular season for weddings and in fact a range of other events. It is an absolute dream for many to be able to get married on a beautiful Summer day, where the worry of cold/rain is non-existent. Wedding photos in Summer also look simply amazing, especially when taken in the “Golden Hour”.


If you prefer cooler weather matched with stunning scenery, an Autumn wedding is ideal for you. The Autumnal colours of leaves and nature can add to an atmospheric setting. You can also enjoy warm food and mulled drinks to create a real cosy feeling for guests.


For many, there could be nothing more special than a Winter wonderland wedding. Especially if it snows, the weather could add to a magical feel that you, your partner and your guests will never forget. You can add to this Wintery vibe by adding seasonal decorations to your venue including fairy lights and Christmas trees.

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